Home of the Timpdon Miniature Railway (5" Gauge Ride on Railway)

A 'Blog' about Trying to Build a Railway

The never ending project to try and build a
ride on (5" gauge) ground level railway in a normal back garden

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The Start

Why? The big question!

Well… I wanted a ride on railway. Not just riding behind my own engine in a municipal local park, but actually running a railway. The architecture; the permanent way; the sheer fun of it.

The problem is I live in a typical suburban 3 bed semi with a normal sized garden; not a house in its own estate. As one friend said when he heard what I’d got planned, “I’ve been on longer rides on a bleedin’ roundabout!”.

But I wanted to do it. It’s my garden. My money. My hobby. My bucket list.

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Miniature Railway

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